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Welcome! Janine Gibbons hín uu díi kya'áng. I grew to fruition in my mother, Guud Jaada Jacqueline Tyson's womb at Neet's Bay in Southeast Alaska but was born in Ketchikan and grew up on an island next to Hutli Glacier in the shadow of Taalkhunaxhkʼu Shaa. In the Tlingit language 'Taalkhunaxhkʼu Shaa', the mountain that never flooded, is said to have been a refuge for people during Aangalakhu, the Great Flood. Helen Todd Lake is a lake named by the Ts'msyan after my Haida grandmother a few islands southwest of where we were born. My two teenage children, Reid and Lili, along with my brother, my mom and her brothers along with my grandmother and her sisters were all born in Ketchikan. Recently I've become an island farmer in both Alaska and Hawai'i but am generally known as an artist of sorts in a myriad of subjects. Often, I am in the middle of designing, planning, and implementing some grand scheme. When I have the time, I'm painting or documenting life with nature and the cosmos. If you're interested in my work or have any questions, get in touch. I'm available through email, and I'll get back to you as soon as time permits.

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