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April 11, 2018

It has been quite busy since I returned back to Alaska a little over a week ago.  Each day blends into the next and still not enough hours in the day.  Had a wonderful trip to LeConte Glacier last week, got to see all my friends and community together at a KFSK fundraiser at the Sons of Norway Hall and now I just left a school board meeting.  Getting my store, studio ready for the May 1st opening.  Headed to Juneau this weekend to celebrate with my cruise ship friends their "Alaska Awakening" party and then a few days later headed to Haida Gwaii to teach painting classes and talk about story telling with people of all ages.  I will be the Commencement Speaker for the University of Alaska Southeast Sitka Campus graduation on May 5th!!!!  I am going to learn some Haida songs (my first songs! ) when I am in Haida Gwaii next week and sing one for the graduation.  My Haida great grandmother was sent to the Sitka Industrial School when her and her sisters were orphaned in the early 1900's.  That's a really long story but needless to say, I am so overjoyed to be speaking at the Commencement in Sitka.  My heart is brimming to have so many wonderful opportunities to share and learn and inspire.  I wish I could stay longer in Haida Gwaii but somewhere between now and the end of June I will have illustrated another book as well.  Also there's the giant 60 year Little Norway Days here in Petersburg where the entire town will just be bustling with Vikings, Valkyries and all sorts of traditional Scandinavian Bunads and what not.  Today to the Petersburg Public Library I have loaned some giant vinyl artwork for them to display.  I can't wait to see how they hang them all up tomorrow.  It's perfect timing as someone sent me a link to apply for an event at the Seattle King Street Station and will be interesting as a portfolio picture.  I like the idea of large scale affordable changeable art for communities... I think the vinyls will be awesome. Light, durable, energetic, impactful and easily transportable. Even walking around town there are so many building that are corrugated metal here and it would be so easy to transform an entire community in one day with vinyls and big magnets.  Okay!  Must get home now.  For some reason my Wi-Fi at home as been acting wacky so I'm typing from my downtown Petersburg studio and am ready to head home.  Good things are coming and are happening...

 ABOVE:  My backyard.... LeConte Glacier.  Petersburg, AK.

 ABOVE:  Me, my mom's little Tsimshian drum made by Kenny Decker that I am borrowing until I have my own and a wrinkled up poster of some of my art from one of my illustrated books.  


ABOVE:  Down the beach from my house... a tiny iceberg (HUGE).


ABOVE:  working on fabric patterns.


ABOVE PHOTO:  This morning from my Instagram feed... This morning I woke up to a beautiful movie of Haida Gwaii that my 8th grade teacher messaged me. Tow Hill, North Beach, the place of origin for the Raven moiety. It made my heart so full. I know my Nonnies (Grandmas) are all so happy. My great grandmother was orphaned along with her sisters. She was sent to Sitka Industrial School in the early 1900’s. There’s so much we don’t know and have had a really hard time piecing together...Maybe she’s in this picture (maybe not) but definitely she’s in my heart. It doesn’t matter so much anymore because I know I’ve made her proud. To be asked to speak at the University in Sitka, Alaska, the feeling is really hugging my heart this morning...

ABOVE:  My home studio.


 ABOVE: From afternoon Instagram Feed:  Just brought some giant vinyls to the Petersburg Public Library for display. (These two were in my first painting class). Can’t wait to see what they come up with! — with Jessica Ieremia and Tara Alcock at Petersburg Public Library.


 ABOVE: From afternoon Instagram Feed:  Sing gaay “laa. April 18th. Next Wednesday, I will be teaching a bear eye painting class at Port Clements Elementary School, Haida Gwaii. My painting classes are pretty loosely structured. I like to allow students to use the colors and paint strokes that they feel most comfortable. So it might start as a bear or resemble more of a raven or eagle by the end! If anyone else is interested in classes let me know. I will be in Haida Gwaii 17th - 22nd. @ Haida Gwaii


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