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March 29, 2018


Everyday is really full these days... actually it is never not a full day when you have kids :)  I haven't written because me and my kiddos have been having a grand time on their Spring Break down here in Colorado.  A few days ago we drove East and went to the Sand Dunes National Park and sledded down the sand dunes.  We stayed over night and spent the rest of the day swimming in a community pool that is a hot spring just outside of the dunes. It was SOOOOOO COOOOL.  It seemed like the entire community was there...babies, young kids, high schoolers, adults, elders.  I let the kids swim until around 9 because they had made friends with the cashiers son who was hanging out with his mom until closing at 10 (we were staying on-sight in a tiny house that they rent).  The next day we drove back but hiked up Chimney Rock outside of Pagosa Springs on the Southern Ute Reservation. 


Yesterday we drove out to Ignacio and checked out the amazing museum there and went mini-golfing at the casino.  We really went so I could go to Indian Health Services for a physical.  I can't even tell you how excited about the team of doctors and nurses there.  I just kept thinking "wow!  This is my new doctor!"  She is mixed blood and has been highly educated to help indigenous people so could relate to EVERYTHING I was telling her.  That's almost never the case because often at Indigenous clinics it's a doctor or nurse practictioner just passing through or needing hours or doing some type of community service. I usually go to holistic doctors now because I have a lot of energy from a Kundalini Awakening that I had a few years back.  In my experience, Western doctors trained traditionally Western medicine have no idea what that even is and honestly and I just don't have the time or even care to go into it when the rest of the world is in touch with energy, spirit and its relationship to the body.  It's like seriously people (doctors) get on board!  Also she's in touch with ancestral DNA which includes how our bodies adjusted to famine and surviving small pox and the other plethora of diseases brought by colonization.  We have super sensitive bodies that have over active immune systems.  I said to her I fast, I do cleanses, I have visions, etc... Her response, "yes, that's great.  I understand."  Oh my gosh. Someone saying "I understand" was like heaven to my ears.... seriously you have no idea.  One time in the middle of having a seizure... IN THE HOSPITAL... I had a doctor trying to force my rigid body into a wheelchair of which I just kept popping out of because I was having a seizure and he was yelling at me "stop making this happen to yourself!"  In my tonic state I did know what was happening I just couldn't control my body.  He then suggested for me not to drink juice or anything to prevent the seizures and just to take muscle relaxers.  Those were the years of hour long seizures.  Fortunately it was just a few years and then I started doing cleanses and taking really good care of my body which minimized the frequency and duration of the seizures.


I registered with the Utes way back I went to school at Fort Lewis College when I moved to Durango to go back to school, to finally finish my bachelors degree after a 10 year hiatus, after I had my children.  Lili was 1 and Reid was 3.  We were on a wait-list for the pre-school on campus for a year before we headed down from Alaska.  The Indigenous people of the Southwest have really taken care of us since we moved back (I attended FLC in the mid 2000's as well).  In particular, the Southern Utes have really taken care of us for well, almost 7 years!  When we moved back I had just finally discovered that these tonic-clonic seizures that I had been having for 14 years had stemmed from two root canals that I had done when I was 17 years old.  After I gave birth to my son, Reid, despite being healthy food wise, they were pretty bad as I started to breast feed.  As I was sitting in the chair at the dentist office in Ketchikan, Alaska, my life flashed in front of my eyes as I looked at a poster on the wall of teeth and all of the vessels that run from your teeth to your brain.  I was like "Holy Mackrel's" it's my teeth... my seizures are coming from my teeth.  So I had the root canals removed and I stopped having seizures.  When I went back to school and started going to the clinic in Ignacio, the dental office, over the span of a year, completely fixed my mouth.  In Alaska, the native dentists will happily pull out all your teeth if you would like or cover them in those silver colored caps for a lot of money.  Anyway, I am in debt to them.  So much stems from someones ability to smile without being embaressed of their teeth.   


I head back to Alaska on Saturday with an overnight in Albuquerque and Juneau.  This past year has been definitely a non-traditional year.  It took a bit to adjust.  It was quite difficult actually but sometimes life is non-traditional (especially if you spend any time with me).  I never know where to start when I talk or how much I should actually tell or reveal about myself.  It's overwhelming quite honestly.  Even writing these last few days has been difficult but helpful.  I write about one thing but there's at least another thirty topics that I could write at length that would likely fill a book for each topic. 


Meanwhile, on April 5th, Where Women CREATE magazine has done a really beautiful spread about how I get inspired and will be available on newstands across the Nation as well as available for purchase online. I will be featured in another one of their upcoming magazines as well.  It's such an honor.  They know all about my crazy life and wanted to write about it so I am also in debt to them as well.  I will continue to write about the real things that happen in my life just in case it helps someone else along to not feel alone in their struggle.  Being a full time artist is really hard. It never ends.  There's no real break.  It's totally fulfilling and simultaneously pulls in every direction when combined with being a single mother trying to make everything fit into place.  Have a beautiful day. ..we are headed to Tara Mandala today to check out the pagoda.  

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