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Good Hugs = "Ding!" (winning)

March 22, 2018


Everyday it's like where to start.  Went to bed at 12:30 am because I was up late making necklace displays without the use of a hand drill since all SIX batteries need to be replaced.  Worked out great though because now my displays can be broken down and set up without the use of electric tools or a screwdriver (check out my Instagram for pictures).  Also had to sand by hand the silver chain on my necklaces with steel wire to get that really cool black/white patina.  This morning, I woke up at 5:30 and scrolled through IG pictures and instead of clenching my jaw, I just shook my head reading about the 20 something in Austin with the Washington Post title "Austin bombings suspect's uncle says he was smart, kind".  I mean there's no doubt (especially if the quote is by a family member... even snakes love their babies) but seriously why don't we see that headline for people of color? 


I only have a few minutes this morning to write. I just made some coffee.  I wake up the kids in 10 minutes.  Making GF banana pancakes this morning and not because I don't eat gluten, they just taste better and are better for you...brown rice meal, almond meal, etc.  Today I am putting together a proposal for the Sealaska Heritage Institute to collaborate with one of my closest friends, Haida carver, Donald Varnell, for the 2018 Celebration in Juneau.  That proposal is due by tomorrow!  Also, I'm not particularly great at sewing even though I grew up with a mom that could make anything with her sewing machine and serger.  She's also an amazing knitter and has the greenest thumb you could imagine.  She's going to help me make all the clothes I'm designing (there will be some tense moments in the future I predict with some type of miscommunication likely stemming from her being left handed and my sarcasm misinterpreted).  I'm also buying a fancy printer for the t-shirt press that was given to me last summer because I sold some paintings that can pay for the printer.  Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.  Figure it would be a great way to spruce up some second hand clothes with things that say "STAND BACK" ...my mom said I needed a t-shirt with that on it on some days. Also I have this brilliant idea of a t-shirt that says "DING!" that has the image of two people hugging with a heart over it.  One time I was walking with my friend Sheryl, she owns a yoga studio, and I was commenting on how many people give her hugs... just as I said it, one of her students walked by us on the trail and they hugged, then she said "Ding!" and I said "winning!" (under my breath).  Okay maybe there should be a slot machine on the shirt.  Now I have to wake up the kids and make pancakes.  Later in the afternoon I will be helping out with my son's 4th grade class on illustrating storytelling and I have to price all the necklaces I finally put together because I could afford some silver chain to buy again.  It has been slow going ramping back up for production but step by step it is happening!  Have a beautiful day and give out some winning hugs.  


(Art by Donald Varnell)


THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW:  https://www.facebook.com/haidagwaiilandprotectors/videos/154463911894643/

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