A mad dash...


It was an early morning jumping on the airplane out of Durango with a stop in Denver before flying on to Seattle.  I wondered how I was going to be able to get my website updated with all of the pictures that I took for 8 hours yesterday for my new catalog.  Wednesday night, mad dash photo editing, and then thank you 3 hour layovers and then inflight Internet. In total, 5 hours with no kids, no jewelry to make and nothing else to do but sit.  Online wholesale catalog, done, done and done!   My wonderful and super funny sale rep for Washington and Oregon, Laura Henshall, picked me up from the airport and we went and had lunch with a beautiful view of downtown Seattle.  Though this girl has to adjust to the combination of humidity and heat from what I used to which is high desert mountain dryness... and I needed to nap.   What a treat though is was to drive around Alkai Beach and see all the in 1960’s style of houses.  Good news is that my work will be expanding internationally at the beginning of next year!  That’s all I have to say about that, for the time being, while there are developments occurring. I'm super excited though! Now it’s time to get to sleep before my morning of tagging jewelry for the big show and then an evening flight to Ketchikan. Won't have time tomorrow night because I get in late and then Saturday morning set up for the festival.  Anyway it was a very nice afternoon in Seattle...

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