When all the stars align...


It seems as if all day long I am talking to myself about color combinations and writing down little notes “bitter green, orchid, pastel pink, horizon blue layered with Mikado orange” and so on.  My husband said to me recently, “would anyone else know what colors you are referring to” as I look at a flower and try to name all of the subtle and not so subtle colors I see so that I can try to reproduce it.  As a painter, I do the same thing while looking at the layers of color on a persons skin as well as creating and changing color to show depth in the shadows of a nose, cheekbones, lips and so on and then try to reproduce it onto a surface.  With enamel and jewelry, I love that the end result is a wearable piece of art.  Enamel color is not so obvious as it is with a tube of paint with what colors will be.  Trial and error.  Sometimes things turn out not to harmonize.  But when there is harmony, to me it almost seems like magic.  The energy of colors!  When I combine and layer and make my marks in the fine enamel powders, and then pull the pieces in and out of the kiln until I get my desired look, it is always a gift.   When all the stars align and the shape and the colors all work together it is an enamellists bliss….

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